KORIN HiPack Anti Theft Smart Backpack Large Capacity (15.6 inch)

KORIN HiPack Anti Theft Smart Backpack Large Capacity (15.6 inch)

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●Korin HiPack: The minimalist design and integrated appearance of the HiPack anti-theft backpack combine security and aesthetics.
●More secure: dual anti-theft protection, TSA customs lock and YKK double explosion-proof zipper (8RCW is the latest product launched by YKK, it is a double zipper chain with zipper, which can prevent being punctured by pens and other similar objects) ●Concealed scientific storage system: It can store 15.6-inch notebook computers, magnetic cup opening-embedded cup bags, storage pockets on the shoulder straps, and storage pockets on the back.
●Splash-proof fabric and breathable backpack design: special coated fabric with good water-repellent performance; mesh sponge on the back is comfortable and breathable without being stuffy.
●Simple and convenient K EasyCharging 1.0 patented charging system



Hidden Storage Anti-theft Backpack

Model: K11C

Main material: polyester

Lining: Fabric

Colour: Black

Size: 43 * 33 * 16cm

Weight: 900g

Capacity: 14L

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