Korin ClickPack X-simple and practical anti-theft backpack

Korin ClickPack X-simple and practical anti-theft backpack

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● The Best Seller in Kickstarter: reddot award 2019 winner; Good Design Award 2019, ClickPack X anti-theft backpack lets you enjoy the scenery.
● Korin ClickPack X: The best function anti-theft backpack. This anti-theft backpack uses a level 5 full-cut-resistant fabric, over 80% of the surface area is cut-resistant fabric, which is 30% more than ClickPack Pro. The safety is greatly improved, and storage, convenience, comfort and aesthetics are combined at the same time.
● More secure: triple anti-theft protection, equipped with retractable steel wire rope, hidden TSA combination lock and YKK Water-proof zipper, the maximum bearing strength is ≤50KG. (8RCW is a latest product launched by YKK, which is a zipper with double coli chain, it prevents the chain from being easily punctured with pens and other similar objects.)
● K EasyCharging 3.0 patented charging system: The original EasyCharging 3.0 charging system creates a new-generation commuting charging solution through a patented shoulder strap charging and data cable storage module, Making mobile charging more convenient.
● Scientific storage system: multiple accessory pockets and multi-purpose compartments inside the backpack, which can store 15.6-inch laptops; hidden cup pockets on the sides; hidden storage pockets on the back, no matter how much things are put, they are not deformed.

Why we created ClickPack X?
After we finished the ClickPack Pro campaign, we received a huge amount of feedback from backers all over the world. Most backers were comfortable with our product quality and design; however, we collected some good ideas from ClickPack Pro users in order to improve our future designs. We spent almost two years communicating with our customers to understood that they wanted more safety features in bags that were sleek, durable and affordable. This is why we created the ClickPack X — an upgraded backpack with total cut-proof material, a hidden TSA lock, minimalist-style surface fabric, ergonomic back support design and optimized internal storage design. The most important thing was that many ClickPack Pro backers wanted to have a 100% black bag, but still with cut-proof material as an option. We can now present the ClickPack X. As a design-driven brand, we’re so proud to have created the new ClickPack. We need your help to bring the idea to life!

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